Guardians of the Shimmer – DreamTime.

My first book, currently in editing, by the illustrious Jenny Argante, and soon to be published with Oceanbooks ( It is being assessed as I write!

Two years in the creating, from Trish’s encouragement (leaving writing articles and ads on my desk), and the first speed-pitch contest in Tauranga (where I really found public speaking is best left to others), to actually writing The End at the finish.

It is a teen fantasy novel set in DreamTime, where Cole, and his sister Lily, find that their parents are Guardians of the Shimmer, protectors of the barrier that all sleepers pass through to dream in DreamTime. Imagine a giant curtain like the Northern Lights, that is the Shimmer.

It is the first of a series of novels, the second is already underway – planned and a third the way through, plus the third is mapped out in my head. And the world I have created has already spawned two more ideas.

Cole Fletcher – The new Harry Potter!!

The eBook is first up, then the print copy will be available early 2013.

The cover art will be by Joyce Van Der Lely ( and the idea is to have her illustrations in the printed book and added to the eBook as soon as available.

More info soon.