I am currently working on the sequel to Guardians of the Shimmer: DreamTime.

Tentatively called “Guardians of the Shimmer: The Shadow”, I have attached the first chapter to give you an idea as to the direction this will go.

Guardians of the Shimmer – The Shadow – Chapter One

I hope you enjoy it, do let me know.



For those who have yet to read my first book, “Guardians of the Shimmer: DreamTime”, here is a sample to you encourage you to read on:

Guardians of the Shimmer – DreamTime – Sample

The sample is the same length as the one on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Guardians-Shimmer-Dreamtime-ebook/dp/B00ARSPU9Q/)


The first chapter of the sequel “Guardians of the Shimmer: The Shadow” will be posted shortly

Guess what came by email:

On behalf of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand
Inc. we write to advise that you have been successful in getting onto
the final ballot for the 2012 Sir Julius Vogel Awards in the Best New Talent Category.

Your work Guardians of the Shimmer – DreamTime has also been successful in securing a Best Youth Novel placing.

The vote will occur at AuContraire, to be held in Wellington from 12 – 14 July 2013.

Will definitely be doing all I can to get down to Wellington mid July.
Thanks to all who sent in votes for me – cross fingers and toes time now

Thanks to those who nominated me and my book “Guardians of the Shimmer: DreamTime” nominated for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards (Science Fiction And Fantasy Association of New Zealand).
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. have asked me to accept the nominations – AND I HAVE!!
But to confirm I need more nominations. To do that just copy the list below into a new email, remembering to add your name and email address at the bottom. You can add a reason for your nomination, but this isn’t essential.
Then simply send your email to: sjv_awards@sffanz.org.nz before 8pm on 31 March.
Go now, quickly, please!


I wish to make the following nomination for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2013:

Guardians of the Shimmer
Garth Lawless
Novel and Best New Talent
Published first online by Oceanbooks Ltd http://www.oceanbooks.co.nz/fantasy/ebooks/shimmer.html
Author: garth2112@gmail.com
Genre – Fantasy


I have now found that getting “Guardians of the Shimmer: DreamTime” printed is a lot more than fronting up to a printer with a couple of pdf files and a smile.
Going for the A5 size recommended:
1. The cover must have bleed and crop marks (but not the bleed lines) – more search as to what those terms meant
2. The text must also have the bleed and crop marks – didn’t know that
3. Not all printers use Word – it seems that InDesign is the buzz application to use

So getting the cover sorted was OK – Joyce knew what I was talking about and got that sorted.
But the text – which I had thoughtfully laid out and mirror-margined (not really required – I’ve had a look at some books and most don’t bother) and “black and whited” every graphic – needed the crop and bleed and Word doers not do that. Google for a solution and the best is so involved you might as well spend the money on getting a professional.
And I read some sage advice from Bookbaby – “5 Secrets of Successful Authors”:
Number 1 thing that a writer should do to promote their work and build their career – WRITE THE NEXT BOOK
Number 2 thing that a writer should do to promote their work and build their career – WRITE THE NEXT BOOK
Number 3 thing that a writer should do to promote their work and build their career – WRITE THE NEXT BOOK

I’ve paid a professional to design the cover – thanks Joyce
I’ve paid a professional to edit the book – thanks Jenny
So I’ll pay to get a professional to format the book.

SO soon there will be a printed, hold-in-your-hand version of my first book.

Learning, learning, learning…

Guardians of the Shimmer – on Amazon

At last, my first novel – Guardians of the Shimmer: DreamTime – is on Amazon as an eBook (click on the title to go to Amazon – check out the sample and purchase!).

Quite an effort, and a super-steep learning curve on self-publishing but here is is. Joyce finalised the art-work and between myself, Trish, and Jenny we can up with the descriptive text. (felt harder than the actual writing, trying to condense it down to less than 120 words).

Still plenty of work to let the big, wide world know it is available but that will come. Next the paperback, then the second book, then the movie…



Guardians of the Shimmer – DreamTime.

My first book, currently in editing, by the illustrious Jenny Argante, and soon to be published with Oceanbooks (http://www.OceanBooks.co.nz). It is being assessed as I write!

Two years in the creating, from Trish’s encouragement (leaving writing articles and ads on my desk), and the first speed-pitch contest in Tauranga (where I really found public speaking is best left to others), to actually writing The End at the finish.

It is a teen fantasy novel set in DreamTime, where Cole, and his sister Lily, find that their parents are Guardians of the Shimmer, protectors of the barrier that all sleepers pass through to dream in DreamTime. Imagine a giant curtain like the Northern Lights, that is the Shimmer.

It is the first of a series of novels, the second is already underway – planned and a third the way through, plus the third is mapped out in my head. And the world I have created has already spawned two more ideas.

Cole Fletcher – The new Harry Potter!!

The eBook is first up, then the print copy will be available early 2013.

The cover art will be by Joyce Van Der Lely (http://joycevanderlely-artist.blogspot.com) and the idea is to have her illustrations in the printed book and added to the eBook as soon as available.

More info soon.